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All information for the bulletin should be given to Gary  Cook before Saturday if at all possible! Thank you!

October, 2020
News &

We want to welcome our visitors and
invite you back at any time.  

Many things have happened during the
Corona virus spread. There was a city
restriction for a while. Regular services
are being held now, but due to the ages
and health problems in the congregation,
many are still staying at home. 
 Ann has finished both her chemo 
  and radiation treatments and is doing well.

Please continue to keep those who are sick
and hurting in your prayers.

Doris and Marion are not allowed to have visitors
right now at Lacoba due to the state of emergency. 
You may continue to call and send cards.
Continue to keep them in your prayers.


Laughing Have a great week! 



Sunday morning adult class  

 Study of I Corinthians  




Wed. evening class





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 Prayer Requests
See the Sunday bulletin for updates.
our own 
Ann Groskurth
Ted Coatney
Doris Langford
Don and Mary Deffenbaugh
Jackie Harris
Rick Harris
Joe Crabtree
Gary Cook
Jack and Maxine Purdom 
Dale and Janice Ash
Marion  Umberger
Ken  Evans

our loved ones
The Mike Purdom family







Karla Coatney - 10/20

Kathy Johnston - 10/28

Carol Whisman - 10/28
Ann Groskurth 11/2
Doris Langford - 11/11
Maxine Purdom - 11/12
Donna Ridinger - 11/13
Joe Crabtree - 11/15
Ted Coatney - 11/20
Kathy Abramovitz - 11/25 


Janice and Dale Ash - 10/9

Kathy andJohn Abramovitz - 10/26


Jack and Billie Ellis - 11/1

Jack and Maxine Purdom - 11/28


Oct.  Assignments ???


Gary Cook - Alternate
Jack Purdom
Dale Ash - Alternate

Robert Wallace 
Mike Whisman
Dale Ash

Perry Smallwood
Gary Cook

Song Leaders

Gary Cook
Jackie Harris