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The Christians at Eastside believe it is important for you to know what the worship service consists of in case you are unfamiliar with the Church of Christ or if you are seeking a scripturally sound Church.


The first thing that you will find is that everyone is equally important and is treated as such.  You will be greeted with warmth and kindness. Our goal is to bring the lost to Christ by teaching them the gospel.  We do not use entertainment as a means of getting people to attend services but believe that the gospel and the power of God’s word is enough for those that truly seek him. We are not a denomination; we use the name Church of Christ to indicate that the church belongs to Christ. Christ established it and died for it. The only creed we follow is Christ, the scriptures our only guide.  You are always welcome to attend any of our services.


The Bible is the only textbook we use during our classes and sermons. References are repeatedly made from it as we search the scriptures together  so that you can read for yourself what the Bible has to say and be able to see “…whether those things are so” (Acts 17:11). Special emphasis is placed on the teachings of the New Testament because only the New Testament contains Christ’s instructions for his disciples, and since God has given Christ “all authority” (Matthew 28:18) then we must follow what he wants the church to be and to teach

 Please bring your Bible with you, or if you are in need of a Bible we will be more than happy to give you one.

There are classes for all ages.


At various times throughout the worship service we will sing psalms, hymns and spiritual songs just like the first century Christians (Ephesians 5:18, 19).  Mechanical instruments are not used. A Cappella is the only music used in the church. The use of instrumental music is absent from the New Testament scriptures, therefore we have no authority to use it.


Prayers are also conducted throughout the worship service. Prayers are lead for the congregation by one of the brethren in a quiet and reverent manner (1Timothy 2:1-5). The prayer comes from the heart; nothing is ever read from a book.  There is no one else speaking during this time.  Everything is conducted in an orderly fashion (1 Corinthians 14:33).


At each Sunday morning service the congregation partakes in the eating of bread which represent the body of Christ and drinking the fruit of the vine which represents the blood shed on the cross. This is done in remembrance of Christ’s death on the cross         (Matthew 26: 26-29).  Just like the first Christians we do this on the first day of every week (Acts 20:7).


A collection is taken up each Sunday morning as commanded in (1Corithians 16: 1-3).  The collection is taken up at the end of The Lord’s Supper. It is not part of the Lord’s Supper. It is simply a convenient time for the members to give a portion of what they have earned back to the Church so that the work of the Church can continue.  This is the only service money is collected and there is no set amount that members are expected to give. Non-members are never asked to give.  We do not participate in any fundraising activities as a means of raising money for the church.


The last part of the worship service consists of preaching the divine word. The sermons are based on pure biblical teaching and references pertaining to the subject matter are always given so that everyone can confirm what is being said as solid bible based teaching.  The teachings are based on obedience to the will of Christ and what Christ has commanded as necessary for salvation: faith in Christ (Romans 10:17); belief (Hebrews 11:6); repentance (Luke 24:47); confession (Romans 10:9, 10) and baptism for the remission of sins (Acts 2:38).


At the end of each sermon the invitation for salvation is offered. If someone responds to the invitation by coming forward they will be baptized into Christ by  full emersion in water which is in likeness to the burial of Christ and raised up out of the water to walk in newness of life (Romans 6:3,4).


Once a person is baptized into Christ that person is now a member of Christ’s church.  God adds them to the church (Acts 2:47). That person is now a Christian.  The very first day the Church was established those who repented and were baptized were saved (Acts 2:38). From that time on those who were saved were added to the church (Acts 2:47).  Baptism is an essential part of salvation (Mark 16:16, Acts 2:38, Acts 22:16).

 Please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have regarding the scriptures or the worship service.